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Dr. Dani Abboud

Dr. Dani Abboud is a urologist at Al-Moosa day Surgery and has achieved a mark as one of the best urologists in the United Arab Emirates, having worked in France, Germany and Poland – and he is a highly respected expert in his field. As a urologist in the Middle East, his role includes the diagnosis and treatment of prostate diseases, as he provides laser therapy for enlarged prostate. It also treats and manages urinary tract stones, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, recurrent infections, interstitial cystitis, sexually transmitted diseases, enuresis, nighttime, male infertility, impotence, and more.

Credentials & Professional Associations:

Dr. Dani Abboud has various experiences as a specialist in urology. He received his PhD and MSc in Urology from Damascus University. While studying in Europe, he obtained a diploma in laparoscopic surgery from the University of Strasbourg, France. He also obtained ESU and ESFFU from the European School of Urology. Dr. Danny Abboud is a core member of the Syrian Board of Urology. As for his professional societies as a leading specialist doctor in urology in the United Arab Emirates, his membership extends to the esteemed Association of Urology, Emirates Medical Association, and Emirates Urology Society.

Professional Experience:

Dr. Dani Abboud’s experience extends far beyond, from organizations in the United Arab Emirates to Poland, Munich and France. In Europe, he obtained a medical training certificate for minimal access surgery from the University of Strasbourg, France. Then he went for a campaign for Laparoscopic Urology at Klinika Urologii Szpitala Uniwersyteckiego – accredited by the European Council in Poland and also ran a campaign for the European School of Urology in Munich, Germany. His experience in Dubai extends to the Saudi German Hospital and First Med Day Surgery Center.

Dr. Dani Abboud can help with treatments for

  • Management of prostate diseases (benign prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, chronic prostatitis, etc), providing laser treatment for prostate enlargement.
  • Management of urinary tract stones (kidney stones, etc) either medically or ESWL /shock waves/, or minimally invasive surgery using a laser.
  • Management of urinary tract infection and recurrent infection and interstitial cystitis.
  • Management of sexual transmitted infections /STDs/.
  • Management of urine incontinence and nocturnal incontinence.
  • Management of neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction, providing botox injection for overactive bladder.
  • Management of male infertility
  • Management of sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation).
  • Onco urology: providing accurate surgical and medical treatment for prostate, bladder cancers and kidney and testicular tumors with accurate follow-up.
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