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Dr. Dani Abboud

Dr. Dani Abboud is a practicing urologist in Dubai City for many years, worked in different known hospitals in Dubai, was able to manage various urology complicated cases during his practice, known of providing high standard medical care in the urology field according to international standards, and performed a wide range of successful surgeries.


  • Medical Degree, MD, Damascus University,
  • Master Degree, MSc Urology, MOH, Damascus University,
  • Diploma in Minimally Invasive Surgery, Strasbourg University, France,
  • European school of urology, ESU, ESFEU, Munich, Germany


  • European Association of Urology
  • Emirates Medical Association
  • Emirates Urology Society


  • Specialist Urologist, Saudi German Hospital Dubai, UAE,
  • Specialist Urologist, Al Sharq Hospital, UAE,
  • Specialist Urologist, Emirates Specialty Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City, UAE,


  • Kidney Stone diseases evaluation and management either medically or surgically using new minimally invasive procedures and laser technology, in adult males and females.
  • Prostate diseases proper evaluation and management either medically, or surgically using the new minimally invasive procedures if required.
  • Prostate Cancer Screening
  • Evaluation and management of possible diseases behind the lower urinary tract symptoms, in adult males and females.
  • Evaluation of visible or invisible hematuria in adult males and females and proper management accordingly
  • Urine incontinence, and neurogenic bladder evaluation and management
  • Urinary tract infections, and recurrent complicated UTIs, evaluation, and management
  • Sexually transmitted infections, STDs evaluation, and management
  • Men’s Health and sexual dysfunction evaluation and management
  • Male infertility evaluation and management – scrotal varicocele minimal invasive surgical management
  • Uro-oncology, evaluation, and management of bladder cancer and kidney tumors
  • Provide a wide range of minimally invasive surgical procedures, Endoscopic / Laparoscopic surgeries.


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