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Elipse Balloon

Cost: 14,999 AED
•The Balloon cost
•The procedure cost with X-Ray
•4 consultations with the Doctor monthly
• Smart weighing scale and app to monitor the trend of weight loss

Nasal Lasar Turbinectomy

Cost:5,000 AED
Is the procedure reduction or removal of an enlarged turbinate (nasal tissue) inside the nose. Included :
• Doctor consultation
• Two-session of laser (left & right)
• Follow up after the procedure.

Cosmetic Gynecology

cost:4,500 AED
+ Laser Vaginal Tightening (3) session
+ Laser Vaginal whitening (3) session

Cosmetic Gynecology

cost:7,500 AED
+Laser Vaginal Tightening
+ O-shot
+ G-spot (3) session