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In this article we will be explaining more about Smart Capsule. At Al Mousa Medical Clinic we have the best treatments for everyone.

What is Smart Capsule?

Are you overweight and struggling to lose weight, Smart Capsule is a treatment that is used as an aid for patients to lose weight.

If you are above the age of 18 and have multiple unsuccessful diets then Smart Capsule is the right treatment for you. Usually the treatment is non-invasive and is done without anesthesia. The balloon is swallowed and once placed in your stomach it will be filled with 550 ml of saline solution. It is a soft balloon that is placed in your stomach. The balloon will fill up your stomach which will create a feeling of fullness. This will help you eat less and aid you in your weightloss journey

Elipse Balloon

How is it different from traditional gastric balloons?

Traditional gastric balloons are an invasive medical procedure that is performed under anesthesia. However, with Smart Capsule the procedure is simple and non-invasive. The balloon is swallowed and months later is excreted naturally. The procedure typically takes around 20 minutes.

What will happen after the procedure?

Patients will start to feel full, usually patients will eat smaller portions as the balloon placed in the stomach will take up some space and make the patient feel full and less hungry.

Watch the video to better understand the process

When will you see results? and how much weight is lost?

During the 16 weeks, the average weight loss is between 10 to 15kg. After 16 weeks the balloon is passed naturally and there are no dietary restrictions.


What are the potential side effects?

Because Smart Capsule is a non invasive method there is no risk in having Smart Capsule done. Some patients experience nausea, abdominal cramping, and vomiting after balloon placement. The side effects are well controlled with a good health practitioner.


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