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Nasal Laser Turbinectomy

Nasal Laser Turbinectomy

Nasal Laser Turbinectomy is a surgical procedure that removes some or all of your turbinates. Turbinates (also called conchae) are small bony structures that occur inside the nose. There are a total of three to four of these structures in the human nasal chamber.

As the primary controller of nasal airflow, the nasal turbinates, particularly the inferior turbinate, play an important role in normal nasal respiratory function.

Furthermore, the mucosa of the turbinate is an essential tissue for proper respiratory function. Its roles include air humidification, air filtration, and the warming of inspired air.

Additionally, Nasal obstruction due to enlarged inferior turbinates is a relatively common occurrence in otolaryngology, and when more conservative treatment fails (nasal steroids, allergic rhinitis treatment, etc), turbinate surgery may be indicated.

Therefore, Otolaryngologists use many different techniques to treat enlarged turbinates.

Preparation :

One Day before:

The Nasal Laser Turbinectomy patient should take anti- allergy tablet for one time

 On the day of procedure:

Doctor will put cotton pack for 30 min (xylocain spray), and then doctor will remove the pack and do the laser within 5 min.

After that the patient will wait again for 20 min to make sure no bleeding.

After the procedure for 3 days:

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight
  • Avoid excessive physical exercise




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