DR . Zina-Mollazeinali - Almoosa Day Surgery
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DR . Zina-Mollazeinali

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DR . Zina-Mollazeinali

Trying to play a role for treating patients perfectly and
being a good consultant for doctors and patients.

1. Graduated in FARZANEGAN (Intelligent and bright
students school) high school.
2. MD., Medical School of SHAHID BEHESHTI University,
Tehran, Iran 1993-2000
3. Specialist Cardiologist – Board certificate, Dr.SHARIATI
hospital, Tehran University of medical sciences, 2001-

1. “Evaluating patients with generalized postular
psoriasis in BOUALI hospital" 1999-2000.
2. "Evaluating correlation between plasma D-dimer
level and angiographic findings in patients with
unstable angina in Dr.SHARIATI hospital" 2004.

1. Internship- Surgical Center (TALEGHANI Hospital),
Tehran, Iran, 1997
Responsible in general and vascular surgery department for
surgery preparation and post surgical Care of patients .
2. Internship- SHOHADAYE TAGRISH Hospital, Tehran,
Iran, 1997-1998
Responsible in various internal medicine departments such
as Rheumatology, Endocrinology and
metabolism, Cardiology, Nephrology, Hematology and
Oncology on different working shifts.
3. Internship- MOFID pediatric Hospital, Tehran, Iran,
Responsible in various departments including
Gastrointestinal disease, Respiratory disease,
Endocrine disease, Infectious disease, Hematology
and Oncology.
4. Cardiology residency in Dr Shariati Hospital, Tehran
University of Medical sciences, 2001- 2005, Acquiring

"Top resident in cardiology” position in Tehran
University of medical sciences in 2003.

Training in all aspects of cardiology education, included
emergency and in-patient care and all procedures (ECG,
Echocardiography, Exercise test, BP & ECG Holter, Coronary
angiography and cardiac catheterization)


1. Visiting and treating patients in IRANIAN HOSPITAL –
Dubai 2013-now as head of cardiology department
2. Visiting and treating patients in Sassan General
Hospital (previously named American Hospital), Tehran,
Iran 2010-2013
3. Visiting and treating patients and giving general and pre-
operative consultations to other physicians in
BAHARLOU Hospital (Tehran medical university) as a
Cardiologist 2005-2011.
4. Visiting and treating patients in Jam Hospital, Tehran,
5. Coronary and renal angiographic and catheterization skills
for detecting ischemic
and valvular heart diseases 2002- now.

6. Echocardiography for diagnosing several cardiac diseases
2001- now.
7. Ability for interpreting stress tolerance test as a
diagnostic and prognostic test in cardiac patients 2002-
8. Interpreting ECG and BP Holter tests

Persian, English, Fair Arabic and Urdu

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